Hannover Messe 2017: Sarcos Robotics and Microsoft develop AI robot

Hannover Messe 2017: Sarcos Robotics and Microsoft develop AI robot
The Guardian S robot uses the Azure IoT Suite and more to carry out inspections in difficult terrains

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US industrial robots manufacturer Sarcos Robotics is collaborating with Microsoft to provide customers with a ‘Robot-as-a-Service’ offering.

For a monthly fee, customers can make full use of the Guardian S – a surveillance and inspection robot, which uses Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure IoT Suite and is remotely controlled by a Windows 10 tablet. The monthly fee includes service, training and software upgrades.

The Sarcos Guardian S robot is designed to be intuitive to use and can be tele-operated from miles away using a Windows 10 tablet to reliably traverse challenging terrain, including passing through narrow pipes or scale the inside and outside of storage tanks, pipes, maritime vessels, vehicles and other vertical surfaces. The robot uses a full suite of sensors and facilitates two-way real-time video and voice communications with Azure Machine Learning and Windows 10 to detect anomalies within the tanks and learn from service technicians over time.

This is just one of the examples on display at the global industrial fair Hannover Messe of how Microsoft is partnering with manufacturers to find innovative solutions for humans and machines to work together, while reducing risk in hazardous working environments.

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