Hendrick Motorsports and Microsoft extend partnership

Hendrick Motorsports and Microsoft extend partnership
12-time Nascar champions have recently transitioned to Microsoft Teams

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Hendrick Motorsports and Microsoft have extended their long-standing partnership to enhance auto racing. The 12-time Nascar champions will use Microsoft solutions to improve data analysis capabilities, create a speech-to-text solution and upgrade race simulation tools.

Hendrick currently use Microsoft Azure cloud services, Windows 10, Office 365 and the firm’s artificial intelligence capabilities. In 2019, they fully transitioned to Microsoft Teams for internal communication and collaboration. 

“Success on the racetrack is a product of having world-class people and the finest tools and technology,” said engineer Alba Colón, director of competition systems for Hendrick Motorsports. “In today’s environment, the data available is almost infinite, and we must make split-second decisions utilising all the information at our disposal. Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to quickly analyse that data and make the best choices. It’s a powerful relationship that we are proud to extend and build on.”

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