How organisations can do more with AI

How organisations can do more with AI

Synergy Technical is using tools like Microsoft Copilot to deliver transformative outcomes for clients, while ensuring responsible AI adoption, says Rohana Meade 

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Organisations of all shapes and sizes face the daunting task of achieving more with less. The global economic landscape demands not only adaptability but also a creative approach to optimising resources and capitalising on existing investments. This is where technology emerges as the ultimate enabler, offering the promise of enhanced productivity, heightened agility and an extended infrastructure lifespan.    

Microsoft Copilot’s capacity to augment human capabilities with machine-driven insights transcends the traditional boundaries of problem-solving. Teams are poised to demonstrate an exponential increase in productivity, enabling them to accelerate project timelines and deliver high-quality solutions to clients, even amidst resource constraints.  

I am immensely proud of our commitment to embracing this era and leading from the front. The integration of artificial intelligence tools like Copilot, coupled with our expertise of delivering transformational IT solutions, has enabled Synergy Technical to automate processes that have consequently extended our engineers’ capacities to achieve more. 

Data governance and privacy frameworks are essential to ensuring the responsible use of AI to protect user and organisational privacy. These frameworks align with Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI adoption. By leveraging AI, Synergy Technical has demonstrated its significance for increasing productivity across all business units. As a result of the internal implementation, Synergy Technical developed a Copilot Readiness Assessment to ensure that clients can securely and quickly take advantage of AI technologies.  

The Copilot Readiness Assessment equips our clients with an extensive toolkit to not only weather the storm of economic challenges but also to emerge stronger and more resilient. It involves evaluating existing infrastructure and data management practices to ensure compatibility and scalability.   

The heart of Synergy Technical’s business strategy has always been a deep commitment to assisting our clients in realising their potential through technology-driven solutions. Flagship offerings like Copilot help us craft solutions tailored to the unique challenges our clients face, allowing us to deliver transformative outcomes by harnessing the power of AI and cloud technologies.  

Rohana Meade is CEO of Synergy Technical 

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