How to modernise voice communications

How to modernise voice communications
SIPPIO’s Dawn-Marie Elder shares why enterprises must enable their staff to work from anywhere

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Why do companies need to modernise voice communications?
Today, people need to be able to work from anywhere, at any time and seamlessly switch physical locations and modalities. You should be able to work from any destination – your home, the workplace or the beach. Legacy telephony platforms do not offer the agility or scalability that companies require to drive their business.

Do you believe the role of the traditional desktop phone is changing? 
Definitely. Over the past few months, desk phones and on-premises systems haven’t been very useful for a lot of workers. In fact, they have been locked away in unused offices while staff work remotely under various lockdown measures. We have even received support calls from customers trying to take their phones home with them, which unfortunately does not work. 

The role of communication is changing as employees want the option to use email, chat, meetings and voice depending on what they are doing, where they are and which device they have at hand. Companies benefit from providing their employees with choice and agility in collaboration.   

How is SIPPIO helping to modernise voice?
We put Voice in Teams, ensuring that all communication and collaboration functions are together in one single platform and users receive the same experience across all devices. The common Microsoft Teams interface promotes productivity and accessibility.

We extended the concept of direct routing into ‘direct routing-as-a-service’. We built a highly elastic, globally redundant and secure solution in Microsoft Azure for consumption-based carrier services in Microsoft Teams. As such, calling is always available because it auto-fails over, it’s compliant and its as-a-service nature eliminates the need for large and costly professional services engagements, upgrades or maintenance. We attach your Teams tenant to SIPPIO and activate or port your phone numbers to provide talk and listen capabilities in minutes.

What does SIPPIO offer its customers?
SIPPIO offers the ability to quickly enable Voice in Teams with an encrypted, end-to-end solution, per user per month to scale up/down and opt in/out as your business requires. There’s no committed contract and activation is completely automated with our In-Teams Panel which means no expertise or programming is required.

Since we are a co-sell partner, Voice in Teams compliments Microsoft’s robust roadmap for phone system functionality in Teams. We also integrate with third-party applications like Contact Center, Voice Recording, e-Fax and our partners can help establish the optimal migration-at-will strategy for customers.

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