Icertis launches support program for contract management

Icertis launches support program for contract management
24/7 assistance will help maintain business continuity and mitigate supply chain disruption

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Enterprise contract management platform provider Icertis has launched a free support program that will provide 24/7 assistance to its customers, to help maintain business continuity and reduce supply chain disruption during the Covid-19 viral outbreak. 

Customers of the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform can use the Expanded Support program to understand and address the implications of the current crisis. It provides direct, free end-user support anywhere in the world and at any time, in case internal ICM experts are unavailable due to medical leave or workplace disruption. 

“Contracts are the foundation of commerce and, during a crisis like the Covid-19 outbreak, it is critical that companies can quickly access, analyse and act upon these core business assets,” said Neal Singh, chief operating officer of Icertis. “We remain committed to supporting and working effectively with our customers to solve the hardest contract management challenges and recognise that current circumstances require creative solutions. 

“We are pleased to announce this increased support so that our customers can continue to operate efficiently and mitigate any risks involved with the Covid-19 crisis.”

The support program, which will be active until 15 May, is designed to answer questions and solve routine challenges to enable contract professionals to maintain normal operations. ICM experts will be available to offer assistance through  video and teleconferencing, enabling users to tackle issues in real time. 

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