ICONICS and Microsoft are shaping a sustainable future

ICONICS and Microsoft are shaping a sustainable future

Firms showcased their global sustainability efforts while exhibiting together at Hannover Messe 2022 

Mary Anne Ballouz |

The premier global industry trade fair Hannover Messe 2022 took place between 30 May and 2 June. This year’s event was dedicated to sustainable industrial digitalisation and transformation across all industries.  

Keynote presentations and discussions centred around how digitalisation can be combined with automation technology to produce smart factories, processes, buildings and businesses that operate more efficiently by using less energy and resources. Ultimately, leading thinkers and forerunners in science, business and politics demonstrated how environmental protection is economically attainable and sustainable.  

As a long-standing Microsoft partner, ICONICS was proud to co-exhibit on Microsoft’s booth at Hannover Messe 2022 alongside some of the best and brightest in the industry to demonstrate solutions through meaningful conversations and knowledge exchange. 

ICONICS showcased its cloud-ready solutions that empower customers and drive their sustainable solutions and initiatives. Additionally, the ICONICS software suite contributes to the acceleration of any sustainability journey. According to Microsoft, its Cloud for Sustainability is an “extensible software-as-a-service solution that helps companies record, report, and reduce their environmental impact through automated data connections and actionable insights.” ICONICS is a Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability launch partner and is integrally contributing to sustainability.  

At Hannover Messe, ICONICS also demonstrated its robot cloud maintenance solution, which was developed in collaboration with parent company Mitsubishi Electric. This is a complete hardware and software solution that can access real-time data from multiple robot controllers and various other automation devices to produce unified dashboards. It can be deployed on-premises or in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This improved exchange of data and intuitive visualisation contributes to increased operational efficiency and output, further advancing sustainability efforts.  

ICONICS is an active participant in a global community that is committed to protecting the Earth by facilitating smart industries and processes, as well as building sustainability initiatives on an international scale.  

Mary Anne Ballouz is the marketing communications writer for ICONICS 

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