Impresoft Group provides Dynamics-based CRM system for Triennale Milano

Impresoft Group provides Dynamics-based CRM system for Triennale Milano

Triennale Milano

The art and culture institution will use the system to adapt to the needs of its different visitors

Amber Hickman |

Microsoft partner Impresoft Group is implementing a customer relationship management [RG1]  (CRM) platform based on Microsoft Dynamics for Triennale Milano, an Italian art and culture institution.

The new CRM platform, developed by Impresoft Group’s subsidiaries 4WardPRO and OpenSymbol, will assist with Triennale Milano’s digital transformation plan that aims to improve visitor experience and increase public involvement.

Triennale Milano will be able to support and manage new memberships and respond to the different needs of its diverse visitor base according to their personal interests and expectations.

“The digital transformation that we wanted to initiate with the strategic plan fits into a context of evolution of Triennale Milano which will respond to a rapidly changing society,” said Carla Morogallo, general manager of Triennale Milano. “With this project, Triennale Milano aims to maintain its role and relevance as an avant-garde institution, a point of reference for innovation and creativity in the cultural sphere.”

The system will also help to optimise workflows between each department and improve the efficiency of calendar organisation and stakeholder relationships.

“We are particularly proud of this digitisation project which supports the strategic plan of Triennale Milano which also places technology at the centre for the achievement of development objectives,” said Elvira Carzaniga, director of the education division of Microsoft Italy. “By combining the skills of the Impresoft Group with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, we contribute to improving the visitor experience, opening Triennale Milano to new digital scenarios, including those of artificial intelligence and new digital work models, aiming to strengthen an offer even more accessible and personalised culture”

In the future, Impresoft aims to help cultural institutions implement AI to improve customer engagement via solutions such as AI-based virtual assistants.

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