IndependenceIT launches version 5.1 of Cloud Workspace Suite platform

IndependenceIT launches version 5.1 of Cloud Workspace Suite platform
Latest release supports Azure Resource Manager and Windows 2016 Session Server

Toby Ingleton |

IndependenceIT has launched a new version of its Cloud Workspace Suite (CWS) platform.

Version 5.1 of the company’s integrated automation software helps facilitate the management and delivery of software defined data centres, workspaces, applications, and data to users, at any time and on any device.

The latest version of CWS supports Windows 2016 Session Server, which provides the Windows 10 desktop experience for shared Remote Desktop Services session users.

The full Microsoft Azure Resource Manager stack is also supported. This provides a framework that enables users to work with the resources within a solution as a group.

CWS 5.1 also supports Office 365 single authentication, using a user profile disk implementation to cache credentials in the user profile disk, thus speeding up session start-up times.

The new platform offers enhanced hypervisor and cloud direct template management, incorporating server template management directly into the CWS web application. 

Service providers also benefit from improved deployment and management automation thanks to the administrator-defined automation of tasks and script execution.

“Version 5.1 adds to the leadership of our solution and IT service providers that deliver cloud services to their customers stand to benefit significantly,” said Seth Bostock, CEO, IndependenceIT. “CWS can be used to deploy and manage server and app workloads and can complement and automate Microsoft RDS and others to simplify the orchestration and management of those fine solutions for clients. It should be one of the first products considered for IT service providers entering the market.”

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