InsideView launches new solutions for better CRM

InsideView launches new solutions for better CRM

Insights platform aims to help users “sell smarter” within Dynamics 365

Elly Yates-Roberts |

B2B data specialist InsideView has launched a range of new solutions to help businesses “sell smarter” across CRM platforms. Among these are a new browser extension and InsideView Insights platform which offers new capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

InsideView says that the browser extension gives easy access to phone numbers and email addresses directly in users’ workflows. Whether sellers are researching on LinkedIn, company websites or working within CRM systems, they can easily find contact information. 

InsideView has also consolidated its two sales intelligence solutions, InsideView Sales and InsideView Insights into a single solution called InsideView Insights. The updated platform offers new features, including increased list-building capabilities which are available in Dynamics 365, to create highly targeted campaigns. 

The platform allows users to easily add contacts into CRM, build target lists and refresh account and contact data, which InsideView says can help sellers to “better understand their customers and gain strategic selling advantage with alerts based on news and social insights”. 

“InsideView is every seller’s secret weapon,” said Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView. “Making sellers smarter and more efficient is in our DNA. InsideView Insights builds on our history of providing the most relevant, reliable B2B data and intelligence for sellers and marketers, wherever they work. Our new browser extension and updated version give sellers more data, faster, everywhere they need it to be.” 

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