Jensen-Group automates AP processes with SignUp Software

Jensen-Group automates AP processes with SignUp Software

With ExFlow, the firm reduced invoice processing time and maintained operations during Covid-19 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Automated laundry technology provider, Jensen-Group has always understood the value of automation. However, the firm had been making do with an archaic and tedious paper-based accounts payable (AP) process that was first implemented in 2012.  

With over 20 legal entities and staff working from multiple locations, Jensen-Group was vulnerable to the risks associated with disconnected manual processes and time costs as their AP department chased missing details and approvals. This manual stamp validation was time-consuming and relied on employees being physically present in the office to avoid payment delays.  

After evaluating several AP Solutions, Jensen-Group decided to implement SignUp Software’s solution due to its full integration with Microsoft Dynamics.

“Before ExFlow, we had a very manual and paper-based process,” said Andrea Di Meglio, head of business process and applications at Jensen-Group. “We had invoices printed out, or received directly by post, and then those papers were going around the offices to be stamped and signed by the relevant approver.”   

Just six months after deploying ExFlow in 2018, Jensen-Group saw a significant decrease in the time it took to process invoices. For example, digital archiving – which enables staff to easily find the history behind an invoice – provided meaningful and immediate value to the firm, as documents no longer needed to be archived in storage boxes.  

Thanks to the roll-out of ExFlow, Jensen-Group’s AP process was unaffected when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, despite its offices being closed due to lockdowns. The digitised and centralised AP process allowed the day-to-day operations to run as usual while staff worked remotely.  

“ExFlow’s archiving capabilities gave us a lot of confidence right from the start,” said Di Meglio. “Even before the pandemic, we were confident in rolling ExFlow out to other countries."

ExFlow continues to play an important role in the daily operations of Jensen-Group. Employees have become so accustomed to and happy using the solution that it will be included when the firm upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations in 2023. 

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