Joachim Schiermacher shares why employee training is more important than ever

Joachim Schiermacher shares why employee training is more important than ever

ClickLearn CEO discusses how the firm’s platform is helping organisations to train employees with the skills they need to work with new technologies 

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Training is a key part of any job. Not just for new employees, but also for existing employees who need to update their skills whenever their organisations adopt new technologies and platforms. According to Joachim Schiermacher, CEO of ClickLearn, organisations must find better methods to accommodate the rise in digital adoption training that is now needed for employees utilising new platforms and technologies. 

“Traditional methodologies, such as classroom training, are becoming ineffective,” he says. “There is simply too much training to be carried out and that negatively impacts productivity in enterprises. Workflow learning carried out inside the application in the moment of need is looking like the best candidate for software training in the future.” 

ClickLearn is addressing these changing trends and supporting organisations and employees through new features on its platform, which integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and the rest of the Microsoft product environment to automatically create learning materials that can be used to onboard and train employees. 

“We are stacking up our technology with the aim of delivering training that can be accessed in the flow of work,” says Schiermacher. “In October, we will be launching our User Experience Panel, which will deliver performance support and in-app, contextual guidance in the moment of need.  

“By leveraging all the existing content our customers have created, we have repurposed all the capabilities of our platform to bring the training and onboarding experiences directly to the user inside the platform. This is, by far, the most significant step we have taken towards changing the paradigm of training to support the increased learning demand enterprises are experiencing.” 

The way individuals learn will only continue to evolve in the future, and technology such as artificial intelligence will play an increasingly vital role in digital adoption. 

“We are facing a very interesting future thanks to generative AI and its ability to summarise, extract and deliver information from a vast range of sources,” says Schiermacher. “We started our journey into AI with an Azure Open AI chat integrated into our User Experience Panel. It delivers answers to questions not only from our process sources but also from a range of other documents that enterprises are using to support their employees.  

“There is no doubt in my mind that generative AI will be the missing piece in the puzzle that will transcend performance support from knowledge of processes to knowledge of enterprise.” 


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