Johns Hopkins Medicine chooses Microsoft Azure for new initiative

Johns Hopkins Medicine chooses Microsoft Azure for new initiative
Five-year agreement will see cloud and AI used for disease management and patient care

Elly Yates-Roberts |

John Hopkins Medicine (JHM) has entered into a five-year agreement with Microsoft to use Azure cloud analytics tools as part of JHM’s new inHealth initiative. The organisations will work to accelerate medical discoveries and improve disease management and patient care. 

Microsoft says that inHealth embodies Johns Hopkins’ “commitment to precision medicine” and that new tools will be used “to understand and manage patients’ health, informed by their broader health history and environment”.  

In a joint statement, Paul Rothman, CEO, and Lenox Baker, dean of the medical facility at JHM, said: “Using Azure will improve our ability to develop innovative solutions and treatments for our patients, and we are excited to collaborate with Microsoft to push the boundaries of science and medicine even further.” 

JHM will also work with Microsoft to ensure ethical use of patient data and data regulation compliance. 

“It is a distinct privilege to partner with many of the world’s leading physicians, scientists and engineers at JHM as they use Microsoft Azure and its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to support some of the most advanced research and breakthroughs in precision medicine,” said Gregory Moore, corporate vice president of Microsoft Health. “I’m inspired by the collaboration and its bold goals to improve health for all by bringing together some of the world’s best minds in medicine and technology to deliver the future of medical science innovation.”

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