Kyndryl and Microsoft collaborate on first Center of Excellence in Latin America

Kyndryl and Microsoft collaborate on first Center of Excellence in Latin America


Carla Carvalho is the head of Microsoft alliance in Latin America at Kyndryl

Kyndryl and Microsoft are joining forces to establish a central hub of information and resources related to Microsoft technologies in the region

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According to projections by IDC, the cloud market in Latin America is set to grow by 30.4 per cent by the end of 2023. In the midst of such rapid growth, IT infrastructure services provider Kyndryl and Microsoft are combining their expertise to help accelerate their customers’ migration into the cloud.

“Companies are understanding that they need to undergo digital transformation in order to be more flexible and address the demands of their customers,” says Carla Carvalho, head of Microsoft alliance in Latin America at Kyndryl. “Now is the right time for them to work with partners such as Kyndryl and Microsoft who can help them on this journey.”

Kyndryl and Microsoft have launched their first Center of Excellence in Latin America, which will serve as a central hub of information, resources and skills related to Microsoft technologies. The centre will see experts from Kyndryl providing solutions, consulting and managed services alongside Microsoft architects and technical staff.

“We established the centre to enable us to better support our enterprise customers across Latin America in their digital transformation,” says Carvalho. “Kyndryl and Microsoft are working together very closely to co-create replicable assets that can be used across the region to meet customer demands. We will provide the skills, processes and technologies that companies need to accelerate their transformation journey.”

The centre will develop projects that meet a range of business needs, including mainframe data modernisation, migration to the cloud or integration into hybrid IT models, with a focus on data security throughout. The centre’s planned services include security and resiliency, data protection, SAP, legacy modernisation and Azure VMware Solution, among others. 

“When customers start to move to the cloud, we can help them analyse what they need to modernise to make that journey successfully,” says Carvalho. “We then bring together our different areas of expertise, whether that be security, SAP workloads, or Azure VMware Solution, to help meet their specific needs.”

Kyndryl and Microsoft have already helped several customers via the centre in Latin America, including agribusiness company Caramuru Alimentos and glass manufacturer Vitro. Carvalho is aiming to spread the impact of the collaboration even further in the future.

“This is the first step towards leveraging the knowledge created by the Centre of Excellence for the whole of Kyndryl,” she says. “We aim to have more people engaged, spreading the knowledge to accelerate projects for customers. That’s the key to digital transformation; the flexibility to attend to customer demands quickly.”

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