Kyndryl and Microsoft help customers to modernise and transform

Kyndryl and Microsoft help customers to modernise and transform

Partnership is delivering innovation to enterprise customers like Viewpointe and RIMAC Seguros 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

November 2021 saw Kyndryl, the world’s leading IT infrastructure services provider, and Microsoft embark on a landmark global strategic partnership that combines their market-leading capabilities in service of enterprise customers.

It was an exciting moment for us soon after our launch as an independent company because we were making good on our promise to move quickly and exert our freedom by aligning with a leading cloud partner who would help bring our IT services know-how into high-growth areas where customers are looking for innovation. 

One of those customers is Viewpointe. Whenever people access bank statements or mortgage documents online – and whenever banks store or share internal and compliance reporting content as part of their back-office operations – there’s an 80 per cent chance that Viewpointe’s content management system is involved. Viewpointe launched in the early 2000s after post-9/11 flight restrictions made the physical transport of paper checks unworkable. Today, Viewpointe manages and archives more than 110 billion digitised documents – each available in less than one second upon user request. 

“Viewpointe has a long tradition of delivering content services that touch over 80 million households each year in support of the financial services industry,” said Timothy Coff, president and CEO of Viewpointe. “Our collaboration with Kyndryl sets the stage for Viewpointe to launch our next generation of managed content services solutions into the market with the same level of security, compliance and reliability that our industry-leading financial institutions rely upon us to deliver every day.” 

RIMAC Seguros, a leading insurer in Peru with 1.8 million clients, is another customer that has chosen Kyndryl to accelerate its digital transformation with the migration of its critical IT systems and business applications to Microsoft Azure. 

The insurance industry in Peru is facing increased demand for digital services, which has accelerated the need for more agile and resilient cloud-based operations. RIMAC Seguros selected Kyndryl as its strategic advisor and technology integrator to advance its cloud modernisation strategy. Kyndryl identified Microsoft Azure as the cloud platform that best suits the needs of RIMAC Seguros to transform and modernise its IT infrastructure and online support business applications, including property and life insurance.  

By entrusting Kyndryl with this migration, RIMAC Seguros is taking the first step in the transformation of mission-critical systems by implementing its contingency in the Microsoft cloud. The company will be able to deliver superior customer experiences through faster response times, enhanced security and improved business continuity and resiliency. Kyndryl will lead the migration of RIMAC's contingency data centre to the cloud and implement a resiliency orchestration strategy to improve data management and recovery. 

“RIMAC Seguros is committed to the ­well-being of Peruvians; our organisational culture revolves around it,” said Gilmar Zevallos, IT operations manager at RIMAC. “In this framework, having a powerful and flexible technological platform is key, and we are convinced that the cloud is a fundamental factor in that. Our collaboration with Kyndryl allows us to modernise our technology infrastructure, as well as improve service contingency with higher levels of resiliency, security, compliance and reliability.” 

Under the Kyndryl University for Microsoft, world-class training programmes will be made available to strengthen and scale the technical expertise and certifications of Kyndryl´s sales, delivery and technical professionals. This focus on professional development further strengthens our capability to deliver superior client outcomes, as well as improving our ability to attract top talent. 

Our goal is to use leading-edge technology to create an experience that is immersive, intuitive and highly engaging; one that enables knowledge-sharing among professionals, that is inclusive, that is multi-modal and that provides practical application journeys to facilitate career growth. Moreover, our aim is to provide an environment that is fun for the students, using techniques such as ‘gamification’. 

Rather than just creating a standard IT training centre, we will aim to provide a university-like virtual ‘campus’ setting where we offer technical and sales degree programmes. This will be executed through curriculums spanning different domains, supported by both ­pre-defined roadmaps and individual educational paths. 

Kyndryl and Microsoft have also established a joint innovation lab to provide a collaborative platform for rapid innovation driven through client co-creation. This will allow us to showcase use-case-based cloud solutions with experiential demo environments, proofs of concepts and minimum vial products. Our lab will serve to enable fast experimentation in our customer’s pursuits for growth across a wide variety of functions including new product development, customer excellence and hyper-scalability to stay ahead of competitive pressures. 

Our journey with Microsoft is just getting started, but we’re already creating and seeing the results pay dividends for our customers. We’re excited to see what comes next as we continue to work closely on new solutions and services to market.  

To learn more about Kyndryl’s partnership with Microsoft, visit: 

Tony Savoy is vice president of Microsoft alliance at Kyndryl 

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