Logitech launches Tap to simplify video collaboration

Logitech launches Tap to simplify video collaboration
The touch control display makes collaboration rooms in Microsoft Teams easy to use

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Logitech, the provider of input, output and storage hardware for computers and mobiles, has launched Tap – a solution to simplify video conferencing and collaboration. The touch control display makes collaboration rooms, such as those in Microsoft Teams, easy to use. 

As with other Logitech conferencing equipment, Tap is built on open standards to enable a broader set of integrations, for example with interactive whiteboards. Coupled with software from collaboration service providers, Tap makes it easy to deliver functions like one-touch start, calendaring and content sharing with HDMI input. 

“Over the past five years, we’ve changed the video conferencing market by bringing simple, high-quality, video devices to the masses,” said Scott Wharton, vice president and general manager of Logitech Video Collaboration. “With Tap, we are extending our approach to meeting control. In addition to enabling one-touch video with the world’s leading collaboration providers, Tap challenges the complex and costly status quo of touch controllers by delivering an affordable, premium solution that can be used for a variety of applications well beyond video conferencing.” 

Logitech Room Solutions with Tap includes the Logitech Tap touch controller, a small computer with room-optimised video conferencing software from Microsoft and a Logitech conference camera. 

“Legacy meeting room control interfaces are far from ideal,” said Ira Weinstein, managing partner at Recon Research. “Handheld remotes have too many buttons and are hard to use. AV controllers can be expensive and typically require custom programming. Generic tablets are more affordable, but need charging, rely on Wi-Fi, and often walk away.”

With Tap, Logitech is tackling the meeting room user interface problem head on by offering a low-profile, enterprise-ready universal controller that works with any compute platform and collaboration app yet is cost-effective enough to fit almost any budget.” 

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