Making ‘work from anywhere’ work for businesses

Making ‘work from anywhere’ work for businesses

Firms can realise a new way of working that is delivered via contact centre-as-a-service technology 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Businesses with contact centre operations face a dilemma: do they return to traditional centralised contact centre operations, or do they harness the opportunity of ‘work from anywhere’ and reap the associated sustainability benefits?  

Centralised business operations are expensive and complex to run. Office spaces require heating, power, connectivity and a constant stream of supplies. The on-site presence of employees also has knock-on consequences. In a best-case scenario, public transport options are available, reliable and affordable, but where they are not, employees must commute via private vehicles, which leads to traffic congestion and increased fuel consumption. Every commute then requires team members to invest their time and energy in getting to their place of work, instead of focusing on delivering optimum customer outcomes, familiarising themselves with new products, or receiving training on new systems.  

Contact centre-as-a-service (CCaaS) technol­o­gy such as Solgari’s all-channel solution, Converse, addresses this challenge. Cloud-enabled and browser-provisioned, it enables lightning-fast speed to value, equipping customer service, sales and marketing teams with the tools and capabilities to excel and deliver the highest quality customer experiences.  

Solgari bridges the business communication chasm. We replace complex, high cost and high-risk projects with all-channel business communication solutions that are compliant, feature deep Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration and bring Microsoft Teams into the customer experience toolkit.  

With Solgari, teams can use all the tools and a contextual view of the customer to address their needs. Working from anywhere with an internet connection, team members can deliver on key metrics for sales or customer service such as first call resolution, and average hourly and daily transaction volumes by leveraging industry-specific automation via the Microsoft Power Platform. And there are sustainability benefits too. Enabling teams to work from anywhere reduces pollution associated with commuting and opens the door to businesses streamlining their physical footprint from resource-intensive office space.  

This isn’t a new opportunity; we have all seen the power of this distributed workforce model across all industries as a result of Covid-19. Now, businesses have the opportunity to capture that momentum and drive onwards, through and beyond the 2020s to realise an entirely new way of working, enabled and delivered via CCaaS technology. All-channel communications and the ability for businesses to compliantly and effectively deliver optimum outcomes from anywhere are key to solving this puzzle and making ‘work from anywhere’ truly work for business.    

Vincent Kelly is head of marketing at Solgari 

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