Microsoft and the ODI launch Education Open Data Challenge

Microsoft and the ODI launch Education Open Data Challenge

Initiative invites participants to develop solutions to online education challenges

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft and the Open Data Institute (ODI), a UK-based non-profit that advocates the innovative use of open data for positive change, have shared details of a new joint initiative called the Education Open Data Challenge. Participants will be invited to develop solutions to help close the digital divide in education. 

Microsoft says that the project aims to “shine light on the relationship between broadband access and K-12 (ages 5 to 18 years old) education outcomes” and help educators and researchers to better understand the potential impact of the disruption of Covid-19 on students. 

Participants will be asked to identify gaps in digital infrastructure that affect the delivery of online education services and suggest solutions to address these. To do so, they will receive access to tools and resources from Microsoft, the ODI and BroadbandNow, as well as data that has been made available for the challenge. 

“As students around the world increasingly rely on technology and connectivity to succeed in school, we must find ways to allow every student, everywhere, to succeed,” said Jennifer Yokoyama, vice president at Microsoft’s IP Group. “We’re excited to join in the launch of this Education Open Data Challenge to help close the digital divide and level the playing field for students around the world.”

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