Microsoft and United Airlines support First Women’s Bank

Microsoft and United Airlines support First Women’s Bank

Partnerships aim to create accessible financing and expand economic opportunities for women  

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft and United Airlines have partnered with First Women’s Bank (FWB) to create accessible financing for small businesses and expand economic opportunities for women.  

As Mission Partners, Microsoft and United Airlines join the bank’s supporters including Aon, Wendy’s, Comcast Corp., William Blair and the Western Golf Association, and investors such as Billie Jean King, Fidelity Investments, and Bank of America.  

“Closing the gender lending gap is a critical step toward achieving gender equality, and FWB is the bank to do it,” said Marianne Markowitz, president and CEO of FWB. “Together with our Mission Partners and supporters, FWB will help bridge that gap, elevate small businesses and the communities they serve, and promote more inclusive economic growth.” 

FWB’s strategy combines US Small Business Administration lending with deposits from its partners to create financing opportunities for small businesses, with a focus on the women’s economy. In addition to deposits, Microsoft also plans to provide training and resources to small businesses through the FWB Collective, a community of resources and support designed to help them grow. 

“We’re excited to partner with FWB and continue to invest in the women’s economy,” said Anita Mehra, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of global treasury and financial services. “Microsoft strives to create environments where people of a diverse range of backgrounds, especially women and women of colour, have the resources and support they need to thrive.” 

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