Microsoft Azure becoming preferred host for open source projects

Microsoft Azure becoming preferred host for open source projects
New blog post from outlines 10 examples of projects using Microsoft cloud

Rebecca Gibson |

A growing number of people are using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to host their open source projects, according to a new blog post from, which offers a cloud distribution and billing platform for Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Providers and resellers.

In its blog post, explains that although Microsoft was once one of the biggest opponents to open source platforms, it is now one of the “biggest backers” and has thousands of employees helping with public open source projects. Microsoft has also offered complimentary access to Microsoft Azure to the 28 million people who use the GitHub software development platform since acquiring the company in June 2018.

“Today, [Microsoft] Azure not only boasts a hefty toolbox for enterprise open source, but it has become the preferred host to many of the world’s leading open source projects,” said has also outlined 10 examples of how Microsoft Azure is supporting open source project teams who are developing technologies for robotics, data analysis and visualisation, genomic data, earthquake alert systems, the environment, autonomous driving and more.

Read the full blog post here.

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