Microsoft Azure Large Instances to help healthcare providers manage EHRs

Microsoft Azure Large Instances to help healthcare providers manage EHRs


Mount Sinai has begun migrating its workloads onto Azure Large Instances, with support from Accenture

Solution provides scalability and flexibility for organisations using public cloud-hosted data

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft Azure Large Instances is helping healthcare providers to manage large electronic health record (EHR) database loads using public cloud-hosted infrastructure.

Azure Large Instances leverages up to 50 million ‘database accesses’ per second, which allows organisations to consolidate patient records quickly to provide better care.

For example, Mount Sinai Health System – one of New York City’s largest academic medical systems – has begun migrating its many workloads to the solution with support from business strategy and technology services provider Accenture.  

“We are very excited about this move as it further enables digital transformation, accelerates artificial intelligence and innovation, provides scalability and flexibility, and reduces upfront infrastructure costs, ultimately leading to improved care and discovery as well as streamlined operations,” said Kristin Myers, executive vice president, chief digital and information officer, and dean for digital and information technology at Mount Sinai.

Microsoft will continue to work with organisations that are using Epic on Azure to improve data scalability, cost management and risk reductions with Azure Large Instances.

“Our mission is to empower the healthcare industry to achieve more, helping to deliver the best experiences for providers and patients,” said Tom McGuinness, corporate vice president, global healthcare and life sciences at Microsoft. “Through our collaboration with Epic, we are delivering innovation for customers on Azure that will help healthcare organisations reduce the complexity of infrastructure management and control costs with a secure, scalable and agile public cloud solution. These benefits are key to helping healthcare organisations succeed, particularly as they navigate through today’s economic landscape.”

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