Microsoft enhances its eDiscovery processes with Office 365

Microsoft enhances its eDiscovery processes with Office 365
Organisation's legal team better positioned to gather vital information ahead of lawsuits

Toby Ingleton |

Microsoft is using the eDiscovery features of Office 365 to meet numerous compliance challenges, and is saving millions of dollars each year in so doing.

In the context of a lawsuit, a discovery request is a pre-trial procedure in which each party can obtain evidence from the other party. These come via requests for the production of specific documents, requests for admissions, answers to interrogatories and depositions for example.As a large enterprise operating on a global scale, Microsoft receives a high number of discovery requests annually.

When operating in such circumstances, Microsoft’s legal team is using the eDiscovery features of Office 365 to boost the accuracy and efficacy of its discovery results, and at the same time is saving both time and money.

Previously, Microsoft’s legal team had to manually collect content for lawsuits from numerous sources. This was time-consuming and often complex.

Thanks to the Office 365 eDiscovery solution however, processes that formerly took weeks now only take a matter of hours. The solution also helps reduce costs by identifying and delivering only the most relevant information and data, which helps lower legal review costs.

This reduction in manual eDiscovery work has helped the Microsoft legal department save around US$4.5 million annually.

The fact the Office 365 eDiscovery solution is in the cloud is also helping to increase efficiencies and security, while simultaneous delivering the solution in a scalable and efficient environment.

Microsoft has released a new white paper that outlines the various eDiscovery capabilities within Office 365. The white paper can be downloaded here.

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