Microsoft introduces Surface Laptop 4 and new accessories

Microsoft introduces Surface Laptop 4 and new accessories

Latest model focused on enhancing meeting experience and facilitating hybrid working 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has introduced its new Surface Laptop 4 and a range of audio and video accessories, with a focus on enhancing meeting experiences and facilitating hybrid and remote working. 

Pete Kyriacou, vice president of Microsoft Devices, says that the new device is optimised for Microsoft experiences, while retaining “the iconic design, details and materials that our customers love”. It features 3:2 PixelSense touchscreen displays in 13.5-inch or 15-inch models, and a built-in HD front-facing camera and studio microphone which Kyriacou says ensures “you’ll come through loud and clear as you connect with loved ones or participate in a crucial virtual work meeting”. 

“At this intersection of hardware and software, magical experiences are possible,” said Kyriacou. “This core belief is at the heart of every product we build at Microsoft, and it’s especially true of our Surface products. 

“For almost a decade, Surface has pioneered breakthrough experiences that immerse people in their creative flow, eliminating friction that often exists between people and technology. Surface allows people to adapt to new ways of working and creating through innovative and versatile devices that offer premium design and performance, quality typing and trackpads, exceptional cameras and mics, and immersive touchscreen display technologies.”

To support the new Surface laptop and help people adapt to new work environments, Microsoft has also launched a range of new audio and video accessories certified for Microsoft Teams. For example, Kyriacou says that the Surface Headphones 2+ for Business “reduce unwanted ambient noise, enable clear remote meeting participation, and provide high-fidelity sound” with 13 levels of active noise cancellation, innovation earcup dials and an 8-microphone system. 

Also new is the Microsoft Modern USB and Wireless Headset. “These Microsoft Modern headsets enable greater focus and call privacy, especially in shared workspaces,” said Kyriacou. “Effortlessly join a meeting or answer a call with the dedicated Teams button, and always be in control with a physical mute button and LED mute indicator light that confirms your mute status.” 

Customers can use the new Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker for high-quality audio and Microsoft Modern Webcam for reliable video conferencing. “The Modern Webcam easily attaches to your monitor, laptop or tripod to provide exceptional 1080p video, HDR and a 78-degree field of view optimised for meeting experiences,” said Kyriacou. 

“As we look to the future, it’s clear that flexible work is here to stay. For hybrid work and learning environments, devices must help people be productive, enabling collaboration with the right balance of power and performance. They need to be versatile to work in different environments and be highly secure. Surface Laptop 4, Surface Headphones, and the new meetings and collaboration accessories from Microsoft show how our portfolio is evolving and innovating to accelerate hybrid work.”

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