Microsoft joins with Allscripts to further innovation in clinical research

Microsoft joins with Allscripts to further innovation in clinical research

Partnership aims to enhance clinical research design and conduct studies more efficiently

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Healthcare IT provider Allscripts will collaborate with Microsoft to implement an integrated model for clinical research and thereby further innovation in the field. 

Veradigm, a healthcare-focused data systems and services provider within Allscripts, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Microsoft to develop the model to enable clinical research to be performed through point-of-care technology platforms. The partnership aims to enhance clinical research design, conduct studies more efficiently and improve the overall research experience for both researchers and participants.

“By integrating research at the point of care, we have the potential to lower costs, increase efficiencies, and remove bottlenecks that inhibit research, all while improving the welfare of patients,” said Tom Langan, CEO of Veradigm. “The barriers preventing this shift have now largely been removed – what is needed is a commitment to developing the technologies, workflows, processes and compliance frameworks to support it. Veradigm and Microsoft are stepping up to this commitment.

“In partnership with Microsoft, Veradigm is committed to a holistic approach to developing the platform that supports integrated clinical research. The teams are prepared to work with the industry and regulators to ensure that the promise of this new approach is fully realised, bringing the practice of clinical research into the 21st Century.”

The two firms aim to extend Allscripts’ cloud-based electronic health record platforms and work on pilot programmes to better develop the processes necessary to support research performed in the new model. As such, the aim is to improve the time to market of new therapies while reducing the cost of research and development. 

“New technologies and models have the potential to drastically improve the clinical research process,” said Chris Sakalosky, vice president of US Health and Life Sciences at Microsoft. “Working alongside industry leaders like Veradigm, we believe solutions powered by Microsoft Azure and artificial intelligence will help biopharmaceutical and clinical research organisations better conduct research, and, in the future, improve quality of life.”

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