Microsoft releases new e-book on workforce development

Microsoft releases new e-book on workforce development
Free publication explores how technology skills can be developed among students and workers

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has published a new e-book which takes an in-depth look at how industries and initiatives can encourage and inspire a future-ready workforce. Packed with insights from experts and research from pioneering programmes, Microsoft’s workforce development e-book, Empowering a Future-Ready Workforce, explores the many ways that individuals, including those from minority groups, can be prepared for work in the technology industries.

One example is the global Microsoft YouthSpark initiative, which was set up to make computer science education and digital skills available to all young people, especially girls and other under-represented groups.

The e-book also includes case studies highlighting successful examples of skills development, such as health technology company RingMD, which is using Microsoft technologies to give millions of people access to healthcare by connecting patients to doctors around the world.

The introduction to the e-book explains that “Governments across the world recognise that preparing a next-generation workforce with the skills it needs is key to enabling greater opportunities and better quality of life for individuals and communities,” said Microsoft in the e-book.

Download the full e-book here.

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