Microsoft’s Cindy Rose favours proposed Brexit deal over ‘no deal’

Microsoft’s Cindy Rose favours proposed Brexit deal over ‘no deal’
Theresa May’s agreement protects the businesses of customers and partners

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Having previously expressed the opinion that it would be better for the UK to remain in the EU, Microsoft has more recently said that the proposed Brexit deal is better than no deal. 

“Foremost in our minds, then and now, are the needs of our employees, customers and partners. Microsoft employees work and their families live in every EU country,” said Cindy Rose, UK chief executive of Microsoft, in a recent blog post. “They have built their careers and lives there, and we have consistently advocated to government the need to provide certainty to our EU employees regarding their “right to remain” in the UK post-Brexit and for UK citizens to remain in the rest of the EU.

Microsoft has also pressed the issue of ensuring “the frictionless flow of data across borders” post-Brexit, in order to allow its many customers that rely on Microsoft’s cloud services to operate effectively. 

“The proposed agreement would preserve the rights of our UK and EU citizen employees and their families currently based in the UK and in the EU to remain where they live and work,” said Rose. “The agreement also protects the businesses of our customers and partners by helping to ensure the free flow of data across borders. Leaving the EU with no deal would create significant uncertainty with respect to these two priorities. Microsoft, its employees and its customers need a workable deal, not “no deal”. The proposed agreement is both a necessary compromise and workable, leaving without a deal is neither.  We therefore support the proposed agreement as the better option.”


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