Microsoft’s Jennifer Byrne outlines her top digital transformations of the year

Microsoft’s Jennifer Byrne outlines her top digital transformations of the year
IRIS, XTO Energy and XOGO are benefitting from technologies built on Azure 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

In an exclusive interview with The Record, Jennifer Byrne, chief technology officer at Microsoft US has highlighted three companies that have realised great results by implementing various Microsoft technologies in their digital transformation. 

IRIS (Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems)
IRIS is a diagnostic services provider which is using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to prevent diabetes-related blindness.

Although diabetes is the leading cause of preventable blindness in the US there is no simple way of diagnosing the vision damage caused by it. IRIS is using Microsoft Azure to create a platform that can identify diabetic retinopathy before the vision is impaired. The Azure Machine Learning Package for Computer Vision enables this platform to process images quickly and accurately, helping prevent diabetic blindness and reduce healthcare costs.

“We went from zero to 300,000 patients examined in under five years—there is no way we could have done that without Azure,” said Jonathan Stevenson, chief officer of Strategy and Information at IRIS

The digital signage provider XOGO is using Microsoft Azure to help retail businesses engage with customers by creating digital signage cost-effectively.

Using the XOGO Player and XOGO Manager apps, customers can turn any Windows 10 device into a digital sign. The XOGO Mini media player which is preinstalled with XOGO Player can make the process easier by running on Windows 10 IoT Core. The solution uses the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for enhanced content management.

“With Windows 10 IoT and Azure, we can give customers an affordable, intelligent solution with no need for IT personnel,” said Chad Brown, CEO at XOGO. “Now, any small business owner or marketing department can offer real-time, engaging content. For the first time, dynamic digital signage is accessible to any organisation.”

XTO Energy
A subsidiary of oil and gas company ExxonMobil, XTO Energy is using IoT and the cloud to optimise operations and drive growth with Azure.

XTO Energy is overcoming its challenges associated with monitoring dispersed sites by digitalising its operations in the oil producing region of the Permian Basin. XTO Energy is using Microsoft Azure IoT technologies to electronically collect data and then using Azure solutions to store and analyse it. In doing so the firm can gain new insights into well operations and future drilling possibilities.

“With Microsoft Azure, and IoT technologies, XTO Energy is an innovation leader in the oil and gas industry,” said Anish Patel manager of Permian Technology Integration at XTO Energy. 

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