Microsoft’s Public Sector Future: the Future of Infrastructure

Microsoft’s Public Sector Future: the Future of Infrastructure


In new podcast, Jeremy M. Goldberg shares conversations with city and thought leaders

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Jeremy M. Goldberg, worldwide director of critical infrastructure at Microsoft, is hosting a new series called the Future of Infrastructure as part of the company’s Public Sector Future podcast.

As part of the virtual series, Goldberg will share his conversations with city mayors, philanthropists, thought leaders from globally renowned think tanks, and more.

“I’ve said this many times over the last year and a half, that there’s no time like right now to be working on issues like infrastructure,” said Goldberg. “And I pinch myself when I realise that I get to be a part of this work at a global level.

“Part of this [series] is about exploring the humanity behind today’s most important infrastructure projects. We pull back the curtain to show you not just what the most important infrastructure projects are, but more importantly how leaders are getting them done.”

Episodes include discussions with Olivia Neal, director of Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Sector Center for Expertise on why this is the right moment to dive deep on infrastructure, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas on equity and infrastructure, with a focus on the city’s US Highway 71, and Ford Foundation President Darren Walker, with a deep dive into the concept of Public Interest Technology

Listen to all episodes via the Public Sector Center of Expertise content library. 

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