Modern Work Summit: focusing on technology, places and people

Modern Work Summit: focusing on technology, places and people


Sessions will explore reinvention, digital transformation and the ‘people’ factor in the modern workplace

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Crestron’s 2023 Modern Work Summit, which will be held in Madrid, Spain, on 23-24 May 2023, will host sessions themed around the ‘people’ factor in the modern workplace, workplace reinvention and digital transformation.

“We want to talk about the devices and solutions going into a space, that’s clearly where our expertise lies at Crestron,” said Rita Himid, Creston’s marketing manager. “But beyond that, we need to talk about how those spaces themselves are evolving to match the demands of a hybrid workforce and how the cultural elements of a business need to shift and adapt.”

The panellists at the event were chosen based on three distinct elements – technology, places and people – according to Himid.

Phillip Ross, founder and CEO of management consultancy firm Unwork, will present a keynote on the reinvention of the modern office.

“Companies need to opt into the ‘connect don’t commute’ approach,” said Ross. “Do we need to be in a central business district in a world where we have ubiquitous connectivity, from broadband in the home to wi-fi on the high street? The growth of the connected, polycentric city has a big impact on people’s movement patterns, as the traditional commute gives way to more permeable working styles that avoid the traditional ‘9 to 5’.” 

Ross will explore the use of both virtual collaboration tools and generative artificial intelligence. “AI and ChatGPT have been controversial topics for a while now,” he said. “We are seeing skills and technology change, and workers are left behind. Generative AI is destined to become the overlay for not only search engines but also creative work, writing, and research.”

Meanwhile, author Andreas Ekström will present his keynote on ‘The power of &’. The keynote, broken down into three parts, will encourage guests to question what happens to us when we are constantly online in the new digital world.

First, it will examine the bigger picture and the biggest differences in our worldviews. Then, it will focus on personal disagreements that may prevent productive discussions before finally presenting decision-making tools.

“I think we need to reclaim the ability to say, ‘Yes, and?’ — it’s the ability to think in greyscale and move away from the black and white that is currently dominating our mode of thinking,” said Ekström.

Technology Record’s executive editor Andy Clayton-Smith will also be at the event, hosting the ‘Digital Transformation – How technology is powering the modern workplace’ panel. He will be joined by panellists from Sony, Eptura, Sennheiser, Shure, New Wave Workplace and Crestron to discuss the introduction of digital transformation initiatives into physical spaces.

Technology Record is proud to be a partner of Modern Work Summit. The first 50 attendees to register using the code MWSFP04 will receive a free ticket for the event. Register here.

Find out more at the Modern Work Summit website.

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