MPP Global launches new function to help publishing and media firms

MPP Global launches new function to help publishing and media firms
Microsoft Azure-based eSuite solution aids the creation and management of physical subscription sales

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Subscription and billing platform provider MPP Global is launching a new function, Physical Subscriptions, in its Microsoft Azure-based eSuite to help publishers and media organisations create and manage physical subscription sales. 

The solution was developed to combat publisher’s challenges when managing multiple systems for deploying bundled print and digital subscriptions. MPP Global’s features for eSuite enable the launch of print, digital and bundled packages in a matter of minutes, using a single cloud platform. 

“We’re really excited to announce the launch of Physical Subscriptions, the single biggest release of new features ever for the eSuite platform,” said Paul Johnson, chief executive officer and co-founder of MPP Global. “The update originates from our rich experience within the media industry, especially the publishing, over-the-top (OTT) and sport sectors, providing our product teams with the vision and foresight needed to develop functionality that supports the entire lifecycle of digital and physical subscribers.”

According to an MPP Global press release, eSuite offers a complete subscription management system for bundles of digital, print and physical products, removing the need for complex integrations between incomparable systems. As a result, it improves operational efficiency, increases time to market and reduces cost of ownership. 

“For the publishing sector, we incorporated publication schedules to provide our clients with the ability to flexibly manage their unique publication dates,” said Johnson. “Flexible delivery schedules can also be set-up, so that customers can choose to have deliveries made on any day and frequency.

With the addition of this functionality into eSuite’s six comprehensive modules, Physical Subscriptions truly combines the complete management of both physical and digital subscribers into one centralised platform.”

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