New episode of ClickLearn podcast discusses how firms can stay on top of the Microsoft partner ecosystem

New episode of ClickLearn podcast discusses how firms can stay on top of the Microsoft partner ecosystem


MSDynamicsWorld editor Jason Gumpert joins podcast hosts to discuss how hiring digital adoption professionals can help businesses to improve the customer experience

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The new episode of ClickLearn’s podcast Digital Adoption Talks, ‘Adoption is the new black: navigating the click, try, buy era’, focuses on why organisations need to hire digital adoption professionals to improve customer experiences and stay up to date with the Microsoft partner ecosystem.

Jason Gumpert, editor of MSDynamicsWorld, joins podcast hosts, Microsoft most valuable professional Rick McCutcheon and Clicklearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher, to discuss the benefits an effective adoption strategy brings for both organisations and their customers.

“In the on-premises world, it was possible to sort of drop in some CDs, do some installs and leave and maybe not find out for months or years how that turned out,” said Gumpert. “That’'s just not the case anymore. Partners are being measured by Microsoft on consumption, Microsoft is measuring itself on consumption and analysts are measuring Microsoft on consumption. So, the idea that you can deploy software that's not going to be well adopted is not tenable these days.”

The episode also focused on the value of having a ‘click, try, buy’ component to allow customers to make the conscious decision to purchase a product. This increases end-user satisfaction and reduces the possibility of customers not to buying a product due to the risk of it not working.

Gumpert also highlighted why organisations should employ digital adoption professionals, noting that they can keep on top of the rapidly growing number of digital adoption applications and develop strategies to remain competitive.

Listen to the episode.

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