Nintex introduces new features to Workflow Cloud

Nintex introduces new features to Workflow Cloud

New Nintex Gateway enables customers to create workflows with RPA bots

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Process management company Nintex has unveiled new features as part of its Microsoft Azure-based process automation solution Nintex Workflow Cloud. One of these, the new Nintex Gateway, enables customers to easily create workflows that include robotic process automation (RPA) bots. 

According to a Nintex press release, the tool “provides two-way, drag-and-drop interaction between workflows and bots” and helps customer achieve end-to-end automation across a broader set of process scenarios. 

“We’ve invested heavily in Nintex Workflow Cloud to make our independent platform both powerful and easy to use,” said Alain Gentilhomme, chief technology officer at Nintex. “Nintex Gateway is a significant achievement by our R&D team and additional reinforcement of our commitment to our global community that we will deliver continuous value and ongoing enhancements to our process management and automation platform.”

Nintex Workflow Enterprise users can easily create and train RPA bots for specific tasks called botflows. 

Other new features include easy testing of workflows, to ensure they are correctly configured before being published, and task authentication features which improve authorisation and security by asking those assigned to tasks to first log into the Nintex Workflow Cloud. 

The below video outlines how Nintex Gateway integrates RPA bots into workflows:

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