Novo Nordisk uses HoloLens 2 to train new employees

Novo Nordisk uses HoloLens 2 to train new employees
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Technicians on the Oral Finished Product line at Novo Nordisk’s production facility in Måløv, Denmark, used HoloLens 2 with augmented instructions to make adjustments to machines

Pharmaceutical company worked with Microsoft to use augmented instructions for floor operations

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Pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is using Microsoft solutions including HoloLens 2, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, Microsoft Dynamics Guides and Microsoft Power Platform to simplify floor operations in its manufacturing facilities.

The Danish company, which produces diabetes medication, worked alongside Microsoft to develop new approaches to floor operations. It has completed a pilot study where employees used HoloLens 2 to follow augmented instructions and learn new procedures.  

Technicians and operators used real-time, 3D instructions, specifically written and approved for HoloLens, to carry out complex processes. Users can now visualise their full work environment whilst completing their training.

“Depending on the specific use case or instruction, you will be guided step by step,” said Ole Feddersen, corporate vice president of product supply technology transformation at Novo Nordisk. “It will say: ‘Loosen this bolt. Turn this lever left. Take this out and put a new one in.’ All the time there will be arrows pointing at what you need to do and where you need to go next, where to check, and so forth. You get a very intuitive execution throughout the operation while having both hands free.”

The solution has allowed employees to complete their training more efficiently and learn new skills with ease.

“I had no idea what it was,” said Oliver Brask Pedersen, technician at Novo Nordisk, discussing his first experience using HoloLens 2. “Once I put it on, it felt natural, and you got used to it. I like getting my hands on things, that’s easier for me. And the HoloLens felt more hands-on than reading a piece of paper. For a first timer, it was a lot easier.”

Going forward, the company plans to use Remote Assist with HoloLens 2 to offer virtual site visits so that employees no longer need to physically travel to other sites.

“I think what is most exciting for the employees on the shop floor here is the way we can connect them to our manufacturing systems, so that they don’t have to go to a computer screen and they don’t have to go to another room,” said Feddersen. “They don’t have to go and read something. Information will come to them.”

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