Partners that invest in Microsoft technology generate more revenue, says IDC

Partners that invest in Microsoft technology generate more revenue, says IDC


Report found that some European firms are receiving at least 75 per cent of their revenue from Microsoft activity

Alice Chambers |

IDC’s latest report on Microsoft’s ecosystem value found that businesses that invest in their Microsoft partnerships are generating significant revenue, with some partners receiving at least 75 per cent of their returns from Microsoft-related activities.

The IDC report, which surveyed 288 European partners across 15 countries and interviewed 53 senior executives that work at Microsoft partner businesses, also found that 43 per cent of partner revenue is from industry-specific solutions, while 57 per cent is from horizontal solutions.

The survey showed that the cloud technology market, especially in Denmark, will more than double between 2021 and 2026, while total annual IT expenses in the country will exceed $23 billion in 2026.

“If partners adapt their portfolio to the growing cloud services market, they can look forward to increased growth,” said a Microsoft Denmark spokesperson in a recent press release. “Using cloud solutions, they will help customers benefit from digital investments, which at the same time contribute to driving digital transformation in society.”

IDC also divided Microsoft partners into three categories based on their revenue mix of resale, service and software, and evaluated their different economic value in relation to Microsoft. It found that all firms experienced greater growth according to the amount of investment in technology.

“The combination of the most comprehensive and trusted cloud and the strongest partner ecosystem gives Microsoft and its partners a unique opportunity to create and grow business value for customers through digital transformation,” said Morten Thomsen, global partner solution lead for Denmark and Iceland.

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