Reaping the benefits of process simulation

Reaping the benefits of process simulation
AVEVA’s SimCentral Simulation Platform is helping Covestro create polymer products more efficiently

Rebecca Gibson |

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Covestro provides high-quality polymer materials for a wide range of applications, including everything from insulation for refrigerators and entire buildings, to laptop and cell phone cases, fast-drying and scratch-resistant vehicle coatings, and soft foams for furniture and car interiors. Designed to replace traditional materials with durable, light, environmentally compatible and cost-effective equivalents, Covestro’s materials and application solutions are being used in nearly every area of modern life.

To increase efficiency and empower its engineers to focus on developing innovative solutions to complex problems, Covestro replaced the legacy systems across its plant lifecycle with AVEVA’s SimCentral Simulation Platform in spring 2019. The solution is the first process simulation platform developed from the ground up to support steady-state, fluid-flow and dynamic modelling. It also integrates with engineering design tools in a single easy-to-use environment that spans the entire plant lifecycle.

By using AVEVA SimCentral Simulation Platform, Covestro employees will be able to collaborate seamlessly across projects, engineering disciplines and locations with the potential to drive productivity and efficiency gains. As process simulation enables engineers to create virtual models of production processes, it will help Covestro to better understand their operations so they can predict performance and optimise processes with a high degree of accuracy. 

“AVEVA’s SimCentral Simulation Platform will help us to fundamentally change the way we use process simulation software from conceptual design, to the engineering and operation of our plants – it’s a key part of our journey to digitally transform our production,” says Frank Döbert, head of Production and Technology, Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties at Covestro. “AVEVA has the right technology, the right people, the right understanding of our industry and business and the right business mindset to be a valuable global strategic partner.”

AVEVA’s approach to business and its commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible is also closely aligned with Covestro’s.

“Covestro is one of the most dynamic, forward-thinking businesses in the industry and recognises the growing importance of digital solutions in a changing world,” says Amish Sabharwal, global head of Engineering Business at AVEVA. “Covestro’s engineers realised the potential of SimCentral Simulation Platform early on and after extensive testing, we are delighted that Covestro has chosen to partner with us to meet a crucial objective in its digital transformation strategy.” 

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