Sana and Transsmart launch solution for B2B shipping

Sana and Transsmart launch solution for B2B shipping
New e-commerce add-on enables customers to view delivery costs, dates and more pre-purchase

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Sana and logistics firm Transsmart have created a new add-on to Sana’s e-commerce solution for business-to-business (B2B) shipping operations. The new Sana Transsmart feature enables customers to view delivery costs, dates and more before making a purchase.

Sana’s ‘package calculator’ algorithm uses information from the Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to offer customers insight into shipping costs and logistics transit. Transsmart can then use its network of over 400 carriers to provide a range of shipping options and how they will affect the final cost.

“With this new add-on, the end customer can choose the precise shipping they require according to their order,” said Pieter Schalk, chief commercial officer at Transsmart. “Through seamless integration with other Transsmart shipping add-ons in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, the shipping process can be made flexible, transparent and scalable, offering first-class customer service to all of our users.”

The new feature aims to streamline logistical operations by removing any retrospective invoicing and administration. Installation of the Transsmart application is simple for Sana customers as it is available in the Sana Apps marketplace.

“B2B customers really value flexibility and transparency during the ordering process and being able to calculate costs upfront will be very beneficial for them,” said Arno Ham, chief product officer at Sana Commerce. “In our annual survey, 85% of respondents said the ability to purchase online and select shipping options is often a key factor in the choice to purchase. With Transsmart, we can now offer our customers a service that will help them to secure existing business, attract new customers and deliver high conversion rates.”

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