Schneider Electric uses Azure OpenAI to help customers drive productivity and sustainability

Schneider Electric uses Azure OpenAI to help customers drive productivity and sustainability


Schneider Electric's employees can use the Microsoft Azure OpenAI-powered Knowledge Bot to help resolve customer queries

Energy management and automation technology provider develops multiple generative AI-powered services for both internal employees and external customers

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Energy management and automation technology provider Schneider Electric has developed multiple Microsoft Azure OpenAI-powered solutions to help both its own employees and external customers drive productivity, operational efficiency and sustainability.

Schneider Electric has used Azure OpenAI to power several new services for its employees, including a conversational assistant named Jo-Chat GPT, a Knowledge Bot that helps customer care representatives rapidly resolve customer queries, and a Financial Advisor chatbot that helps finance and accounting teams. These services have empowered Schneider Electric to increase the speed and efficiency of operational processes, optimise resource allocation and streamline time-consuming tasks.

In addition, Schneider Electric has leveraged Azure OpenAI to build a conversational search feature that enables customers to find the products they need. It has also used the large language model technology in Microsoft Azure OpenAI to build a secure Resource Advisor Copilot, which will provide customers with enhanced data analysis, visualisation, performance optimisation, decision support, the ability to process Resource Advisor system information, and more.

In future, Schneider Electric plans to implement Sale Copilot for frontline workers and integrate Github Copilot into its solutions to enhance its offer creation processes and operations.

“Microsoft Azure OpenAI allows Schneider to develop agile, scalable, cost-effective and AI-powered solutions which are in line with our shared ambitions for a sustainable and digitalised future,” said Dominik Wee, corporate vice president of manufacturing and mobility at Microsoft.

Schneider Electric’s dedicated generative AI team is collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to identify possible new applications for the technology. It has also completed a study of generative AI opportunities across all functions, showing more than 200 potential use cases.

“Generative artificial intelligence is a game-changer, and we are investing in this technology,” said Philippe Rambach, chief AI officer at Schneider Electric. “It has already allowed us to enhance internal productivity, and it aligns perfectly with our commitment to continuous improvement and impactful innovation focused on sustainability.”


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