Scottish researchers use Azure to boost Alzheimer’s research

Scottish researchers use Azure to boost Alzheimer’s research
Aridhia will store data from its largest research project on the Microsoft cloud platform

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Scottish research company Aridhia, whose digital research platform AnalytiXagility is used in health and biomedical research and precision medicine, is moving its data to Microsoft Azure including significant research on Alzheimer’s.The move aims to improve clinical research and data security.

Aridhia will use the cloud to offer medical experts a secure and efficient way of sharing data to improve healthcare and accelerate clinical research and the development of new drugs. IT also aims to make the process of getting treatments to a clinical stage smoother, as healthcare experts can use one platform from start to finish, reducing costs and improving data security.

“We have created a safe space for researchers to work with highly privileged data associated with patients across all types of conditions,” said David Sibbald, chief executive of Aridhia. “It allows research groups to work and collaborate with other medical centres across the world, as well as bring in bio-pharmaceutical companies, in a secure environment.

Last year, Arhidia agreed a 10-year deal with Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) NHS Foundation Trust for AnalytiXagility, aiming to help speed up research projects by improving access and analysis of healthcare information.

“The combination of Aridhia’s Digital Research Platform with the advanced cognitive services of Azure will provide a unique combination of data management and analysis services to accelerate the adoption of AI services at GOSH and at DRIVE, our recently launched digital innovation environment,” said Neil Sebire, chief officer of Research Information at GOSH. 

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