Sharp is delivering the workplace of the future

Sharp is delivering the workplace of the future
Firm connected six countries at the unveiling of the world’s first certified Windows collaboration display

Elly Yates-Roberts |

On 9 September 2019, Sharp held a series of linked events at Microsoft offices in Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and the UK to showcase the capabilities of the world’s first certified Windows collaboration display. The event brought together over 340 partners, customers and journalists who watched Sharp and Microsoft present on the value of connected working and demonstrate live interaction between the six offices, simulating how productivity tools make team working easier for businesses.

The first-of-its-kind, live simulation event demonstrated how the Windows collaboration display by Sharp makes it quick and easy to set up, connect and start a meeting, showcasing the company’s ongoing commitment to transform ordinary offices into next-generation working environments.

Organisations dedicate large amounts of expensive floor space to meeting rooms, where the average European office worker spends 25 hours a month – so, it’s key that businesses get them right. The real-time Windows collaboration display experience showcased how the next-generation 4K Ultra HD interactive display supports and improves teamwork and collaboration within meetings, working seamlessly with the familiar Microsoft tools.

Ian Barnard, general manager, Visual Solutions at Sharp Europe, kicked off the event by introducing the Windows collaboration display by Sharp and highlighting the role it will play in the smart office of the future. Patrick Bouvet, channel executive at Microsoft, then took the audience through the next-generation features enabled by Office 365, which provides businesses with a digital hub for teamwork through Microsoft Teams, a platform that brings conversations, content and tools together in one place for easier group collaboration. 

Chris Parker, senior product manager at Sharp Europe, then showcased how businesses can get better value from their meetings via the internet of things sensor unit on the Windows collaboration display. 

The event highlighted Microsoft’s and Sharp’s commitment to delivering the workplace of the future. Thomas Hall, partner account executive at Microsoft, marvelled at the technical achievement of the event, saying: “We were able to connect to countries across Europe with a live simulcast meeting – did that just happen?”

Sharp intends to host another Connected event to introduce the Windows collaboration display to an even wider audience across Europe in 2020. These events and the Windows collaboration display form part of Sharp’s ongoing commitment to deliver best-in-class technology to businesses and create the workplace of the future. 

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