Sibos 2020: Microsoft to discuss solving global issues with finance

Sibos 2020: Microsoft to discuss solving global issues with finance

Bill Borden will speak alongside executives from BNP Paribas and BNY Mellon

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Corporate vice president of worldwide financial services Bill Borden will represent Microsoft in a spotlight session at Sibos 2020, where he will discuss global issues and how the financial services industry can address them.  

In the ‘Better banking, better lives’ session on 8 October, Borden will speak alongside Alexandra Basirov, global head of sustainable finance and financial institutions coverage at BNP Paribas, Jolen Anderson, global head of human resources at BNY Mellon, and Mohamed Khalil, group financial well-being at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. 

The speakers will explore how banks are becoming more involved in some of the world’s most urgent problems, such as climate change, extreme poverty, financial exclusion and gender equality. They will discuss the role of the financial services industry in solving these, and what more can be done. 

“At Sibos 2020, I’ll be discussing [the] opportunities for impact and sharing best practices for enabling meaningful innovation and creating more inclusive and responsible banking experiences for all,” said Borden. “This includes putting responsible artificial intelligence into practice, using inclusive design methodology, and cultivating a diverse technology team.”

Visit the Sibos 2020 website to register for the event, and find out more about Microsoft’s participation at

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