Spica International uses Azure to streamline workforce management

Spica International uses Azure to streamline workforce management

New cloud-based app has improved the flexibility, scalability and security of its services

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Spica International is using Microsoft Azure to improve the flexibility, scalability and security of its workforce management solutions. 

The Slovenia-based software provider decided to migrate to Microsoft Azure to replace its on-premises application offering and integrate with its Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer relationship management system. The cloud platform acted as a foundation for Spica to develop its Time&Space platform, a tool for time management and access control that “enables Spica’s customers to improve employee efficiency and increase their agility and safety”, according to Microsoft. 

Before moving to the cloud, Spica has approximately 3,000 on-premises customers and 1.5 million daily users. Migrating to Azure enabled the firm to expand its customer base by up to 50 customers each month. 

“[The move] strengthened our visibility and positioning on the market,” said Tone Stanovnik, executive director at Spica International. “For example, we got many fresh leads from the Microsoft Azure marketplace. “We also have local Microsoft teams supporting us in different markets across Europe, Middle East and Asia.”

The scalabililty of Azure has also provided significant benefits for the software provider. 

“We’ve been onboarding more – but also larger – clients, as we know we have the ability to serve them,” said Stanovnik. “The infrastructure we created with Azure has proven decisive for our future as a company. We look forward to using other Microsoft solutions such as Power BI to take our business to the next level.”

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