Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts adopts new IoT wearable

Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts adopts new IoT wearable
Trekstor’s IoT wearable is powered by Windows 10 IoT Core and Microsoft Azure IoT

Toby Ingleton |

German hotel group Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts has adopted a new IoT wearable device to help enhance the quality of its services.

Created by Trekstor and powered by Windows 10 IoT Core and Microsoft Azure IoT, the new device will be used to help tackle the logistical challenges faced within the hospitality space and ensure that the needs of guests are met.

The Trekstor IoT wearable is both wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled, and Steigenberger’s staff will be leveraging the SAMFEX property management solution.

Using the device, staff can send messages to one another to help support efficient logistics – either verbally or by hand, and all in real time.

The device will enhance Steigenberger’s back of house operations, while service and cleaning plans can be more easily kept up to date and ensure that guests who show up early can be accommodated for efficiently.

The Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany is the first location to pilot the wearable device.

Michael Weil, manager of hotel operations at Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt, commented: “We have a well-trained, motivated and enthusiastic team, but to get to an even higher level of service, we decided to implement a technology solution that allowed them to perform at an even greater level of productivity.”

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