Teams and Viva: a powerful combination for collaboration

Teams and Viva: a powerful combination for collaboration


Rajasekhar Varigonda of Infosys explains how the Microsoft apps can together deliver an employee experience with people at the centre

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Microsoft Teams has emerged as the primary choice for remote and hybrid work, offering a comprehensive and consolidated platform for collaboration and communication that results in improved teamwork. Teams integrates various capabilities within a unified interface, thereby enabling individuals to use the platform to exchange thoughts, streamline work and foster meaningful interactions throughout the day. 

Teams holds a distinct advantage as a centralised hub for work, bringing together the power of the foundational collaboration, personalisation and work apps needed for everyday tasks. Teams Premium enriches the communication experiences by leveraging artificial intelligence capabilities to create AI-generated tasks, generate meeting summaries and improved transcriptions, providing personalised and intelligent meeting experiences. 

In addition, Teams offers various avenues for app development, including Power Platform for Teams, Native Teams Apps, SharePoint Framework and more. App developers can also leverage Fluid Framework, Microsoft Loop components, Microsoft Azure Communication services, and Graph API for building apps with real-time interactivity. 

When combined with Microsoft Viva, Teams delivers an employee experience platform that puts people at the centre by bringing together systems of work with systems of support. Teams functions as the digital fabric that provides workspaces for natural productivity and collaboration. Viva is the engagement layer that enables employees to have a personalised, intelligent and empowering experience. Teams can play a pivotal role in frontline worker enablement by providing them with the flexibility to focus on what matters, helping them to embrace their company’s mission and allowing them to access the right knowledge at the right time in the right way. 

Infosys offers comprehensive hybrid work solutions to help businesses adopt, modernise and manage modern collaboration and communications, enhance employee experience platforms, and build apps that can be integrated into the flow of work. Infosys Workplace Suite, an integrated set of artificial intelligence-led solutions like Infosys Digital Assistant and Infosys Viva Learning connector for custom learning management system complement Teams and Viva capabilities and deliver a richer and more personalised employee experience.  

Rajasekhar Varigonda is a principal technology architect at Infosys 

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