The Autumn issue of The Record is out now!

The Autumn issue of The Record is out now!

Learn more about how Microsoft and its partners are reimagining a culture of innovation

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The Autumn 2020 issue of The Record is out now and available to view free of charge in digital format.

With the year progressing, enterprise and public sector organisations are taking stock of how they have weathered the first wave of the global pandemic, whilst preparing themselves for the challenge of ongoing recovery and growth within operating environments that have fundamentally changed.

What remains clear is the innate ability of leaders from industry, retail, entertainment, government, healthcare and education to constantly innovate. 

This edition of The Record is packed with examples of how Microsoft and its ecosystem of partners have worked tirelessly to extend their customers’ reach throughout this uniquely difficult period. From the delivery of essential healthcare services to ensuring that supermarket shelves remain stocked, Microsoft and its leading partners have overcome problems that few could have foreseen even at the start of the year.

In the first of a new series of product focus articles we take a closer look at the rapid and sustained growth of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 offering across all sectors. Along with contributions from a broad range of leading partners to showcase the potential of Dynamics as a tool for transformational innovation, we speak with Microsoft’s global vice president for Dynamics 365, Muhammad Alam

A key area for any healthy economy is a successful manufacturing base and in an interview with Microsoft’s global industry general manager Çağlayan Arkan, we find out about the work that he and his team have been engaged upon within the sector.

Elsewhere in the magazine we hear from Microsoft IoT advisor Sally Frank with the second in her series of healthcare perspectives, this time looking at the ways in which both practitioners and providers can use IoT technologies to reduce cost and improve patient outcomes, whilst at the same time keeping workers safe.  

Our ‘Last Word’ interview comes from Bill Thorne, executive director of the National Retail Federation Foundation and global vice president of communications at NRF, who looks at the challenges being faced by retailers in the current climate whilst offering examples of recent innovation that have enabled retailers to move forward positively in these uncertain times.

Something for everybody in this packed edition of The Record. We hope that you enjoy the read.

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