The Summer 2023 issue of Technology Record is out now!

The Summer 2023 issue of Technology Record is out now!

We explore the evolution of the workplace, digital transformation in every sector and how Microsoft and its partners are making the most of AI responsibly 

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The Summer 2023 issue of Technology Record is out now and available to view free of charge in digital format. 

The workforce is continuing to evolve, and organisations around the world are seeking ways to keep their employees engaged and involved, whether they are working from home or the office. 

In this issue’s cover story, Microsoft and some of its partners offer their perspectives on the important role artificial intelligence-powered tools and Microsoft’s cloud platforms play in helping businesses to pursue innovation

Digital transformation is happening in the public sector too. In our Public Sector feature we hear from Microsoft’s corporate vice president for the worldwide public sector Angie Heise who discusses how government leaders can use technology to improve accessibility and quality of life for citizens. 

Technology Record Public Sector feature

As AI continues to grow more prominent in our daily lives, it is important that organisations use, develop and deploy the technology responsibly. Our lead MarketWatch story discusses the three customer commitments Microsoft recently made to help the technology grow safely, including a new AI Assurance Program. 

In this issue we are also focusing on Microsoft Teams. In our product focus feature, Mayank Verma, Microsoft’s senior director of product marketing of Microsoft Teams, outlines how the platform is helping essential workers to improve communication and operational efficiencies. In addition, a roundtable with executives from Anywhere365, Post Luxembourg, Resonate and Symity reveals why they believe Teams is the ideal platform for customer engagement. 

Technology Record Product Focus Feature

We also have our usual selection of news, case studies and thought leadership across all industries. We hope you enjoy the read. 

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