Trusted Data Solutions partners with Insentra and Proofpoint

Trusted Data Solutions partners with Insentra and Proofpoint
Collaborations will strengthen the companies’ e-mail archive migration solutions

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Trusted Data Solutions (TDS) has partnered with IT services provider Insentra and cybersecurity and compliance company Proofpoint. TDS will offer strengthened e-mail archive migration solutions to both companies’ customers. 

TDS’s partnership with Insentra will bring TDS’s Restoration Assurance Program and Evolve e-mail archive migration solutions to Insentra’s network of partners in highly-regulated compliance driven industries.

Together, the two firms will work to address and resolve the complex data challenges faced by customers, whether they are migrating to access greater capabilities or restore previously archived files. 

“We are excited to be using the Evolve solutions to fulfil client requirements we have previously been unable to address,” said Ronnie Altit, CEO of Insentra. “Additionally, TDS’ Restoration Assurance Program and other tape services will also serve our partners and their clients needing to modernise their technology stack.” 

Meanwhile, Proofpoint has joined TDS’s TrustedPartner Referral Program, enabling organisations to easily migrate existing archived content to Proofpoint’s cloud-based archive platform to simplify legal discovery, regulatory compliance, and data access for end-users.

“We have had a long and close working relationship with Proofpoint, and we are delighted to be able to offer this new programme to increase our level of partnership,” said Marcella Arthur, global vice president of marketing and channel operations at TDS. “We believe the financial incentives of this programme, combined with its deal sharing, will encourage a mutual benefit of increased deal flow on both sides.”

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