Xiaoice uses Microsoft Azure to upgrade AI-powered chatbot

Xiaoice uses Microsoft Azure to upgrade AI-powered chatbot


The next-generation Xiaoice solution will “further improve the effectiveness of AI digital employees”

Updates will improve the effectiveness of the digital employee 

Laura Hyde |

Xiaoice is using Microsoft Azure to upgrade its artificial intelligence-powered chatbot and X-CoTA technology for enterprise customers in Asia.

The AI digital workforce solution can understand humanlike AI conversations, has extensive logical thinking capabilities and can provide zero-code, end-to-end customisation capabilities. Xiaoice hopes the next generation of the solution will “further improve the effectiveness of AI digital employees”. 

“AI technology is ushering in accelerated change; recently, a series of AI innovations made by Microsoft on the intelligent cloud platform are leading the intelligent development of the entire industry,” said Hou Yang, senior vice president of Microsoft and chairman and CEO of Greater China. “Over the years, we have continued to deepen the needs of enterprise customers, and through the continuous use of new technologies, we have fully promoted digital transformation and digital innovation in all walks of life. We believe that Xiaoice digital employee solution based on Microsoft’s international intelligent cloud platform can help more enterprises in the field of intelligence and achieve extraordinary achievements in innovation and change.” 

In addition, the solution also supports cross-platform and multi-scenario deployment for enterprise-level users.

“Xiaoice has gone through many iterations of technological innovation; we always believe in the power of technological innovation, which will make AI integrate into more enterprises and individuals, and play more roles,” said Li Di, CEO of Xiaoice. “The recent wave of technological innovation is turning this possibility into reality.” 

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