Advicent Solutions launches Narrator for financial firms in the UK

Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert
By Rebecca Lambert on 09 June 2015
Advicent Solutions launches Narrator for financial firms in the UK

Financial technology solutions provider Advicent Solutions has released its Narrator software in the UK today.

Narrator allows banks, insurers and pension funds to build unique, customised online applications to provide personalised financial advice.

Already a market leader in the Netherlands and North America, this is the first product Advicent has launched in the UK.

“We develop software that provides insight into complex financial information for both advisors and the customers,” said Marc Knaap, sales director, EMEA at Advicent. “After years of experience in other countries and four years of research in the UK market, I am confident we’ll help the financial institutions to create a more personalised process. Today’s clients can’t tell one financial institution apart from another, but Narrator allows firms to stand out to tell their unique story.”

Using Narrator, firms can build their own web interface, programs, mobile apps and portals for financial insight and analysis. This includes planning tools for advisors, consumer portals, solutions to support orphan advice or a combination of these features.

Firms can also build custom applications from scratch without having to make big upfront investments or face long development cycles.

Over the next two days, financial institutions will have the chance to meet with Advicent representatives at The Future of Life and Pension event in London. Visit the Marketforce site to find out more.

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