Dell releases new Kace K1000 for improved device management

Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert
By Rebecca Lambert on 27 January 2015
Dell releases new Kace K1000 for improved device management

Dell has released the latest version of its Kace K1000 Systems Management Appliance, which includes new and enhanced functionality to improve the way organisations discover, configure, secure and manage computers and devices in the workplace.

Version 6.3 of the software provides agentless inventory of Windows servers and PCs, as well as an option to integrate server monitoring logs and alerts for Windows, Linux and Unix servers. The solution also includes enhanced agentless device discovery and asset management of any connected device, including printers, projectors and smartphones.

Speaking to OnWindows, Jason Tolu, senior product marketing manager of Dell Endpoint Systems Management, explained that the updated solution is designed to help IT departments improve the way they manage different platforms and devices.

“Today, many businesses find themselves running three or more systems management tools to handle all the devices and platforms being used across their organisation,” he said. “The great thing about Dell Kace K1000 is that it allows companies to manage multiple devices and assets from one single solution.”

Dell recently sponsored a survery by Dimensional Research, which found that the number of devices being used in an organisation is continuing to rise exponentially and this is creating challenges when it comes to tracking what’s connected to the network and how everything is managed.

According to the report, 90% of respondents expect the total number of devices requiring management to increase in the next three years. And 60% were sure, or suspected, that there were unknown devices or applications connected to their networks.

“Thanks to trends around BYOD and mobility, companies are finding themselves with more connected devices in their environments, which is creating greater complexity,” said Tolu. “With Kace, they now have a day-to-day management tool to oversee what’s going on.”

Among the new features in the software, Tolu highlights agentless asset management of Windows systems and greater visibility of a broad spectrum of non-computer devices as key benefits. “Users could get top line information on anything connected to their network before, but now we’ve added significant enhancements including the ability to self define SNMP data, choose what objects to manage and map to existing fields, and create automated alerts,” he said.

In addition to this, the latest version streamlines patch management with real-time status reporting, and seamlessly integrates with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management by enabling single sign-on.

Customers already taking advantage of Dell Kace K1000 include Green Clinic Health System, which is using the solution to manage its medical devices, and Denver Museum of Nature and Science, which is using it to support over 600 computers.

“The newest Dell Kace K1000 allows us to discover, configure, secure and support 600 computers, hundreds of network switches and printers, as well as automatic electronic device and powerful projection systems in our interactive exhibits, immersive classrooms and planetarium,” said Dave Perry, technical operations manager at Denver Museum of Nature and Science. “With more than 1.3 million visitors each year, including 2,000 students each day and up to 20 events each week, it’s crucial to provide the highest level of support for museum and research operations. With Dell Kace, we are more responsive, efficient and effective in managing and maintaining everything connected to the museum’s network.”

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