Cloud Services is modernising the data warehouse

Cloud Services is modernising the data warehouse

Businesses can unlock new opportunities for their data using Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The technology landscape is changing very quickly as new solutions appear faster than ever. With this, businesses are facing an increasing amount of data about their customers and markets, which is creating a whole new area of business challenges. These companies not only need to learn how to manage this data, but if they want to better understand their customers, they also need to analyse this data for business insights. 

Data warehouse modernisation enables enterprises using data warehouses to quickly meet these changing business requirements. However, traditional tools that allow users to copy data can be difficult to use and lack the automation that reduce the time, cost and risk associated with data warehousing projects. For those enterprises seeking leading modernisation solutions, Microsoft has an answer: Azure Synapse Analytics.

According to Microsoft, the offering helps customers put their data to work more quickly, productively and securely by pulling together insights from all data sources, warehouses and analytics systems. It helps to modernise data warehouses by automatically creating end-to-end workflows, from ingesting data to generating reports. 

Using Azure Synapse Analytics, IT teams can quickly design, create and update data warehouses; process large volumes of data in minutes; reduce time, costs and risk by automatically generating code; use best practices to develop more effective business intelligence projects; and minimise dependence on developers. 

While the service has clear benefits for enterprises, some companies still struggle to implement it. To combat this, we have developed a two-week deployment service to help businesses access the full benefits of Azure Synapse Analytics. 

Technology is continually changing and determining the right time to upgrade and modernise can be tricky. Adopting a new technology too soon may result in churn within your organisation and the implementation of immature solutions that may not meet your needs. On the other hand, if you wait too long, you may miss out on market opportunities and productivity gains that new technology can bring to your business. To ensure businesses identify the right time to start their modernisation journeys, our implementation service includes an automated pre-migration assessment, a deployment and migration data model, and technical support throughout. As a partner, we provide all the technical capabilities needed in adopting new technologies and helping customers to achieve value for money. 

I strongly believe that migration to Azure Synapse Analytics not only offers the benefits of moving to platform-as-a-service cloud computing, but also delivers a new user experience of working with data. 

Andrew Dakhov is managing director of Cloud Services

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