Microsoft Sentinel: the ‘extremely sensible’ SIEM platform choice

Microsoft Sentinel: the ‘extremely sensible’ SIEM platform choice

Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel has capabilities that suit a variety of organisations

Littlefish cyber services director Sean Tickle outlines the benefits of the solution as a managed service

Amber Hickman |

Organisations that use the Microsoft Sentinel security information and event management (SIEM) platform as a managed service benefit from scalability, compliance and expertise, according to a leading cybersecurity expert. 

“Microsoft Sentinel is not only a very powerful SIEM for organisations to employ, but also an extremely sensible one too, particularly alongside a managed service provider that can provide guidance to help tailor how the tool is utilised,” said Sean Tickle, cyber services director at Littlefish, a managed IT and cybersecurity service provider.  

In a blog post on the Littlefish website, he says: “Sentinel is capable of pulling security analytics from across your entire organisation,” he said. “More than this, the data stored within Sentinel – even when provided as a managed service – is positioned within your environment. This ensures that your organisation maintains total ownership of all sensitive data used within the service.” 

Listing the primary benefits of this approach, Tickle says Sentinel “provides organisations the ability to scale their security infrastructure as their needs change.” 

He also says it helps users to comply with regulations such as GDPR and the Data Protection Act. “By providing continuous monitoring and reporting on security controls, organisations can demonstrate their compliance with these requirements.” 

Tickle adds: “A managed Microsoft Sentinel service provides organisations with access to experienced security personnel who have the expertise to tailor the tool to your specific risk profile and organisational needs. This helps organisations to mitigate the risk of damage to their systems and data and to maintain a high level of security, even under evolving circumstances.” 

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